10 most beautiful countries in the world


Beautiful countries

Many individuals resort to spending a special vacation away from the hassle and noise, so they search for suitable places to spend the special times in, and there is no doubt that there are many beautiful countries that are recommended to go to spend a wonderful, comfortable and amazing vacation, and in this article we will talk about the top ten countries in The world is advised to go to it.

Measures of beauty of countries

There are many measures of the beauty of cities, including:

    Picturesque nature, such as trees, roses, waterfalls, beaches, etc.

    Culture and its own cultural places, such as theaters, cinemas, galleries, libraries, and others.

    History, heritage and historical places such as museums, palaces, buildings and others.

    Modernity in terms of buildings that reflect modern and attractive architecture.

10 most beautiful countries in the world

There are many cities that are distinguished by their scenic beauty and moderate climate, including:


Spain is a distinguished European country, and the reason is that it is characterized by a moderate climate that belongs to the Mediterranean climate, as well as vast vineyards and olive trees, cultural places, theaters, streets and buildings that combine modernity and old alike, as well as the large stadiums that the spectators fill in. Throughout the year, those who come to watch the matches between Real Madrid and Barcelona in particular, and one of the most important landmarks of Spain is the Cordoba Mosque, which dates back to the days of Andalusia, the days of the Islamic rule of the city.


France is characterized by its beautiful and attractive capital, Paris, which is also called the capital of love and lovers, and the most important thing in it is the Eiffel Tower, and it is also distinguished by its delicious and delicious cuisine, which offers various varieties, starting with the morning croissant and passing by the onion soup and the cordon bleu or what is known as the blue diamond.


It is a beautiful European country, and it is possible to navigate a specific city in it, which is Venice, by using boats, which confirms the romance of the country and the attractive atmosphere it provides to its visitors, and its kitchen is famous for its pizza, pastries and delicious sweets such as tiramisu, which captures hearts and minds.


It is a coastal European country, characterized by the simplicity of its buildings, beaches, picturesque nature and hospitality of its people, and it has some areas where tourists can move around using animals such as donkeys.

    Bosnia and Herzegovina:

It is a European country that owes Islam as an official religion, distinguished by its picturesque waterfalls and its irresistible nature, and tourism in it is inexpensive, and the tourist can see how hospitable and welcoming its people are when visiting.


It is the United Kingdom, and its capital, London, is distinguished by its old, noble, and tall buildings as well. It has rivers such as the Thames and the lakes in Scotland that are affiliated with it, and the visitor can enjoy the fluctuations of its atmosphere and its distinctive nature.


It is known that it is the spokesperson for Asia because of its beauty, nature and water, which together constitute a painting that people flock to from everywhere, and it is the destination of tourists who want to spend their honeymoon in the first place.


It is an advanced European country, in which a person can glimpse the order, arrangement, accuracy and beauty of landscapes, as it has seas, rivers, trees and forests, where it is distinguished by its vast area and the coldness of its climate.

    South Africa:

It is an African country located in the south of the continent of Africa, and its population is a mixture of whites and blacks, and it has a large animal diversity, in addition to the diversity of the climate and plants.


It is a European country characterized by its moderate climate, it is the home of the Portuguese player in Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo, and it is distinguished by its beautiful and charming nature.


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