Snake Island in Brazil


The Republic of Brazil includes Snake Island, Snake Island, or Ilha da Queimada Grande, located off the coast of Brazil specifically, and about 93 miles from the center of Sao Paulo, where this island contains a large number of snakes And the most deadly snakes in the world, with an average of one to five snakes per 1 m², bearing in mind that Snakes Island occupies a relatively small area of ​​about 0.43 km².  Climatologically, a moderate climate prevails on the island. With average temperatures during the month of August 19 °, and 28 ° in the month of March.

One prominent landmark appears on Snake Island, the lighthouse, which was built in 1909 AD; In order to warn ships near this island, and in recent times the lighthouse has been controlled automatically and remotely, thus the island is considered one of the uninhabited places of population or mammals; Because of the very rugged, rocky terrain, the isolated location of the island, and the presence of subtropical landscapes, where the absence of predators or human intervention contributed to the reproduction of snakes and snakes and their uniqueness in their own habitat.

Snakes Island Snakes in Brazil

The head snake or the golden spear (Bothrops insularis) is the predominant type of snake on Snake Island, although it is considered a critically endangered species at the global and local level, as the island is home to about 2000-4000 golden head snakes, which are considered the most dangerous species Worldwide, where a poisonous bite causes a person to die within an hour, or it may lead to kidney failure, muscle tissue necrosis, brain hemorrhage, and intestinal bleeding,  and thus is more deadly than the other type of snakes in the same family that It is known as the stomping snake, and is found on the mainland.

The dangerous golden spear snakes feed mainly on centipedes, frogs and lizards, while adults – especially females – feed on migratory birds in certain seasons. It may come to mind how the snakes arrived on an island surrounded by water, and the reason is This is mainly due to the rise in water levels in the sea more than 10 thousand years ago, as this led to the separation of the land and its transformation into an island, so the snakes that lived on land with the island were isolated, including the golden head snakes that evolved over the subsequent millennia, where they developed From how toxic it is to be able to kill any bird it can catch.

Go to Snake Island in Brazil

A visit to Snake Island is considered a real and serious threat to life; The large presence of snakes and snakes on the island of Ella de Kimada Grande resulted in the death of many people before visiting the island became officially prohibited; Whether they are locals, tourists or researchers; Therefore, the competent authorities in Brazil issued a decision to prevent visiting the island except after obtaining a legal permit to do so. Experienced scientists who have a special permit to enter the island can see what is on it and risk their lives in order to see one of the most dangerous places on the face of the earth, and the Brazilian government stipulates For any legally permitted visits, the presence of a specialist doctor accompanying the delegation; For fear of any accident being smashed by dangerous snakes, and thus reducing the risk of death, the Brazilian Navy carries out an annual suspension of visits on the island; In order to maintain the lighthouse located there.

Other facts about Snake Island in Brazil

The following is a mention of some important facts about Snake Island:

    Snake Island is the only habitat for golden head snakes, as this specific species cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

    In addition to the golden head snake, Snake Island is home to other types of snakes. It also includes Dipsas albifrons, which are considered non-toxic and live in rainforests.

    Snake Island is a magnet for smugglers and snake hunters, as they hunt snakes and sell them on the black market at exorbitant prices ranging from $ 10,000 to $ 30,000.

    At one point, Snake Island witnessed an attempt to make agricultural land through the use of an agricultural method that includes cutting and burning plants in the rainforests. Banana product was supposed to be cultivated, but this project failed.

    Snake Island has stunning natural landscapes, despite their danger. So everyone who sees it might think that it is an ideal place for tourism, enjoying the beach, and hiking in the woods.


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