The cities of Greece


The administrative division of Greece

The division of the administrative system of Greece into seven decentralized administrations, 13 regions or provinces, and 325 municipalities was modernized after the implementation of the Kallikratis Plan in early 2011 AD, as the decentralized administrations enjoy administrative and material independence, as well as It is responsible for exercising the state’s powers delegated to it, while regions or regions are responsible for planning and implementing regional policies, in addition to achieving sustainable development, and is charged with maintaining social cohesion according to national and European policies. On the one hand, municipalities (in English: Municipalities) are an entity. Regional that enjoys self-government. They constitute the first level of local authorities. They are also responsible for managing relations and local affairs. The following are the names of the decentralized administrations and the area of ​​each of them:

The most important Greek cities

The cities of Greece fall under a group of major regions called (in Greek: Nomoi), and among the most important of these cities are the following:


Athens is the Greek capital of the most important country in Greece, as it was in the past the cradle of civilizations among European countries, as it dates back to the eleventh and seventeenth centuries. With the city’s development, prosperity, and continual diversification of its economy; To be the cradle of Western civilization and democracy, but now it is a prosperous city in many fields, whether cultural, political, commercial, maritime, economic or even industrial, and it contains in its areas several archaeological sites that made it a center for attracting tourists throughout the year, and it was classified according to a study conducted In UBS in 2015 as the city No. 29 in the list of the richest cities in the world, and No. 67 as the most expensive city to live.

To find out more information about Athens, the capital of Greece, you can read our article What is the capital of Greece.


The city of Thessaloniki is located in the west of the Chalkidikí Peninsula, specifically on the Gulf of Thermaïkós, where it is considered an important industrial and commercial center, given that it contains the second most important port in Greece after the Port of Athens, where the port of Thessaloniki was built on the slopes and slopes of Mount Khortiatis. On the plains of the Delta, Gallicos, and Vardar, in addition to being a center for the export of minerals such as chromium and manganese, it is also famous for the export of various agricultural products, whether raw materials or manufactured, and with regard to the issue of its population, Thessaloniki ranks second after the city of Athens in terms of population, The city of Thessaloniki is divided into 16 municipalities, and Macedonia is their capital.


The city of Patras (English: Patras) is ranked third in the list of the largest cities in Greece, and is considered the regional capital of western Greece since 2011 AD, the city of Patras was built on the slopes of Mount Panachaikon, and is an important commercial center, as the port of Patras is the point of contact and communication between Europe Western and Italy, in which the economy depends on trade, public sector services, logistical services, and the financial industry, in addition to other areas thereof; Higher education, construction, real estate, and tourism, as the city hosts each year the largest and most successful carnival in Europe, which is the Patras Carnival, in addition to the above, the city was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2006; In view of its original and authentic culture, and to get to know Greek culture in general, you can read the article Characteristics of Greek culture.


The city of Volos, located on the Pelion Peninsula in the middle of Greece, is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country, as its containment of a large number of shops, villages, in addition to its possession of a group of waterfronts, made it a center for attracting tourists from various places.


The city of Kalamata (English: Kalamata) is located in southern Greece, specifically on the Peloponnese Peninsula, where it is the capital of the province or province of Messinia, and includes the port built on the province’s bay or what is called the Gulf of Messinia, and on the other hand many products are manufactured in Kalamata, The main ones are; Silk and flour are also considered a center for agricultural trade, as olive oil and fruits are shipped through the port in which it is located.


The city of Kavala (English: Kavála) is located in north-eastern Greece, and extends along the Kavala Bay in the north of the Aegean Sea, specifically in the Periféreia region in Macedonia. This city is considered one of the commercial cities of Greece, in addition to being a sea port, as it is a point Important for tobacco growing regions located in northern Greece, storing and exporting it, and many other activities are carried out in the east of the city, including: beekeeping, vineyard and watermelon cultivation, in addition to rice cultivation, [8] and the city of Kavala was built on the slopes and slopes of Mount Simpholo It is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, and contains a number of ancient historical buildings with modern touches.


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