The most beautiful country in Europe



The country registered approximately 89.4 million tourists and visitors during the year 2018 AD, thanks to the presence of many attractive places and attractions scattered in various French regions and cities, including natural landscapes such as beaches and mountains, and about 41 sites that were included in the list of heritage sites. The UNESCO World Heritage Site, in addition to many palaces, towns, canals, cathedrals, churches, and halls, and perhaps the most prominent tourist destinations in the country are the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and Disneyland.


Spain (Spain) has a great tourist importance, as millions of visitors and tourists visit it every year; In 2018 AD, about 82.77 million tourists visited, and this is not surprising for a country full of diverse landscapes, Roman monuments that simulate the history of the region, cathedrals of religious importance, in addition to delicious local food and foods. Among its most prominent tourist destinations are the Hamra Palace, and the Church La Sagrada Familia, Museo del Prado, Dragon Fountain, Palace of the Foliage, Seville Cathedral, and Garden Joel.


The country also has charming countryside, beautiful cities, and wonderful; and that is why it is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in the world. In Italy there are a number of important tourist attractions, including: the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Colosseum, the Church of St. Peter, and the Roman Colosseum.


Turkey (in English: Turkey) is a beautiful European tourist country, which attracted in 2018 about 45.77 million tourists and visitors from various countries and countries of the world; in view of the various and enjoyable tourism activities, such as visiting Hagia Sophia and the rock formations or formations in Cappadocia, And practicing water activities in the beaches of Antalya and Sierra Leone, eating local delicacies such as baklava and kebabs in the city of Gaziantep, wandering around crowded markets, and walking along the designated mountain paths.


Germany is one of the important tourist destinations in Europe. About 38.88 million tourists visited it during the year 2018 AD; because it is one of the most beautiful European countries, and contains many distinctive places and attractions, such as Neuschwanstein Castle or Palace located within the Bavarian Alps, Europa Park, Brandenburg Gate, and Cologne Cathedral. It is the third tallest cathedral in the world, Trier Cathedral, Romantic Road, and Christmas Markets.

Here are other beautiful countries in Europe:

    Austria: Austria is one of the major attractions in Central Europe. It has unique natural beauty, neoclassical architecture, colorful houses, crowded cafés, concerts everywhere, quiet countryside venues, and a harmonious mix of diverse cultures.

    Greece: This country caters to all tastes of tourists. It contains steep mountains, golden sandy beaches, ancient historical monuments, cultural centers, concerts, restaurants serving local traditional cuisine, festivals, and about 2,000 islands surrounded by clear waters.

Malta: This country is distinguished by its beauty and ancient history, evidenced by the presence of many ancient historical places, such as the catacombs of St. Paul and the historic city of Medina, in addition to the presence of crowded markets and naturally occurring caves.

Norway: Norway is a suitable destination for those wishing to adventure, culture or relaxation; It includes unique scenery of mountains, rivers, straits, rural areas, islands, cultural centers of galleries, museums, a festival of performing and musical arts, and entertainment places such as ski resorts and hiking trails.

Iceland: (Iceland), this country is famous for the appearance of the Northern Lights in its sky, and for the presence of many tourist places, such as the Gulfus and Detefus waterfalls, the Jökulsarlon Glacier Lake, the Halliramskirkia Cathedral, and the Snayfelsukol National Park.

Scotland: This country abounds with many distinctive tourist destinations, such as Edinburgh Castle, Coulzin Castle, Country Park, Stirling Castle, the Scottish Parliament, Scone Palace, Trakwire House, and Glasgow Cathedral.


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