The most important tourist places in Bangkok



Bangkok is the capital of the country of Thailand, which is located in Southeast Asia, which means that it is called the city of angels. , Thus forming a group of tourist areas that are frequented daily by dozens of tourists from different parts of the world.

The most important tourist places in Bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew

It is considered one of the oldest temples in Bangkok, which was founded in the seventeenth century under the name Wat Photaram, and in 1801 AD it changed its name to Wat Phra Kaew, and later the temple was transformed into a general center of learning by decorating the walls and columns with inscriptions and drawings, and among these The sciences that taught history, literature, animal husbandry, and astrology, and at that time it was called the First University of Thailand, and the temple was also used as a center for traditional medicine such as massage; And that is to treat various diseases, and remove pain from the back.

Wat Benkima Buffett

It is considered one of the most recent major Buddhist temples in Bangkok, and was built in 1899 AD by order of King Rama V. In order to compensate for the ancient temples that were destroyed, and in order to increase the number of royal palaces, Bophut was built according to a Crusader plan, and white marble was used in it, which is the basis of the general structure, which is a replica of the famous Buddha Va Kinaraj, which has a great position in Phitsanulok, and contains a hula Many wonderful green nurseries, and the religious community display that contains 53 sculptures of Buddha of Thailand.

The Grand Palace

This palace was built in 1782 AD, and this palace is used for important celebrations and events, such as holding meetings between heads of state, and it is forbidden to wear obscene clothes when entering the palace, and arms and legs must be covered with clothes to allow entry, and it has a high-level architectural style.

What Oren

It is one of the important temples, a trap that contains the history of the ancient battles between Ayothia of Siam and Burma between the years 1547 to 1549 AD, which ended in the defeat of the Burmese, and Ayutthaya turned into a rubble of ashes in that battle, but General Thaksin and the soldiers who survived that battle pledged to fabricate this The sanctuary once more, and they took “Until the sun rises once more” as a trademark for their walk, and it was known as the Temple of Dawn after that, and it is now one of the most important attractions for tourists.

Jim Thompson House

It is the home of a self-made American businessman who disappeared while traveling in Malaysia. Thompson spent some time in Thailand as a soldier of the Second World War, and he is considered one of the people who made Thai silk, and it is now considered a museum displaying all Thompson’s works to Thailand, and Bangkok contains many Attractive tourist areas, including:

    Lumpini Park: characterized by its beautiful green square, and it is visited by many people daily, and tourists can enjoy watching the Chinese temple because of its proximity to the area.

    Tony Lane Station 21: It is the center of many distinctive popular markets of high quality.

    Khao San Road: It is considered one of the busiest places as it has many different markets.

    National Museum Palace Wang Na: This building remains intact until now built by King Rama I, and tourists can see emblems, religious artifacts, ceramics, toys, weapons, musical instruments, and the throne of the viceroy, as well as an impressive collection of figures of Buddha arranged according to their period.


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