Tourism and informations about George, South Africa


George, South Africa

The city of George is located in the Western Cape Province (Western Cape) in South Africa, and is specifically located midway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth on the Garden Route, overlooking a 10 km long plateau between the Outeniqua Mountains to the north and the Indian Ocean to the south.

The city of George is one of the largest cities in South Africa, and is distinguished by its old architectural style. It is considered a center for holidays and conferences in the Garden Route, and it is one of the tourist cities that tourists visit to ride steam trains, and one of its most popular trains is the Auteniqua Cho Tuji train, which is one of the most beautiful and oldest trains. A tourist can tour the city on this train, and it dates back to 1928.

History of the City of George

The city was founded in 1811 AD after the increasing demand for wood used in construction, transportation and furniture. George is a forested area, and it grew as a city significantly after the Dutch East India Company established a timber site in 1776. Most of the loggers were Dutch settlers, and this led to the emergence of a community. A coherent one in which loggers and their families clear forests by cutting and spreading forest trees.

The British occupation knew it in 1795 AD, and it was chosen and paid attention to due to the availability of drinking water, and the abundance of botanical gardens in it, where roads and railways were established to meet the needs of the settlers, and with the trade of wood and its export, the furniture and car industry grew, and it is mentioned that wood was transported by ox carts. Today, saws are spread in the city that depend on modern technology in sawing wood and the skill of manufacturing wood furniture by hand.

George city landmarks

George Museum

This museum is located on Courtenay Street, and it was a building for a newspaper established in 1881 AD by Charles Sayers, and displays in this museum typewriters, and old mechanical musical instruments, and was opened to the public in 1976 AD as an integrated historical and cultural museum for the region.

The Outeniqua Mountains

Mount Utinica is located in the region of Utinikaland, famous for its dense forests, with a height of 1337 meters, and the highest peak in it is the summit of Craddock and a height of 1578 meters, and these mountains are characterized by the emerald green slopes, and are considered one of the charming natural places visited by a large number of tourists.

Montagu Corridor

It is a corridor linking the city of George and the city of Odchon, and the length of this corridor is 10 km through the Outeniqua Mountains, and it is characterized by many curves, and it was built in 1844 AD by blasting hard rocks from the mountains, and it was declared as a historical corridor in 1972 through a national monument in the city This pass is an alternative to the famous Craddock Pass.

Other milestones

    Outenica Transport Museum: The museum houses a large collection of steam locomotives and wagons, and one of the most notable trains is the Chu Teo Steam Train.

    Garden Route Botanical Garden: The park is located at the top of Caledon Street, and has the distinction of being the largest continuous natural forest area in South Africa, covering about 650 square kilometers.

    St. Mark’s Cathedral: It is the oldest church in the city of George, and it dates back to 1825 AD.


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