Tourism in Hawaii



Hawaii is one of the United States that forms an archipelago that contains a group of islands located in the Pacific region, and is the last state to join the United States of America. Hawaii has a distinctive tourist nature, its own demographic composition, and a wonderful geographical location Love and peace

Hawaii is located in the southwestern part of the United States, and the city of Honolulu is its official capital, about 3860 km from the coast of America, and includes a group of islands that number about 132 islands, but the population lives on only 8 of them, which are the existing islands In the southeastern side of the Hawaiian archipelago.

Tourism in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the islands and famous tourist places in the United States of America, as it has a group of distinctive tourist sites, and it also provides many activities for tourists who visit it annually, and the following is information about the most important tourist sites and activities of Hawaii:

    Oahu is an island and a popular tourist site in Hawaii, with many beautiful attractions, such as: watery beaches such as the beaches of Immanalo and Waikiki, and it also provides tourists with the possibility to practice diving in the Hanuma Bay area between fish and coral.

    The Grand Island: is the largest island in Hawaii, and it is classified within the attractive tourist sites. Various tourist activities take place in it, such as: the sunny beaches of Kona and falling waterfalls, and there is also a national park known as the Volcano Park, and there is also the mammoth summit. One of the peaks covered with snow.

    The city of Maui is a beautiful tourist attraction, and it includes many tourist features, such as: providing cruises for tourists, visiting a plantation of lavender trees, and Halakala Road, and it also provides the possibility of surfing on the waves of the watery beaches.

    Kauai: Kauai is an attractive tourist site, and it contains a group of distinct places, and provides suitable activities for tourists, such as: visiting the Canyon Valley, walking several distances on the sea coast, and visiting the Kauai Cave.

    Molokai: It is a tourist area with a group of distinctive places, the most famous of which are the historical site of Kalobaba and Wadi Halawa. It offers tourists a range of rare and different features, and it also has a resort that contributes to providing a luxurious tourist experience for tourists.

    Na Pali Coast Coast: This coast offers tourists an opportunity to walk long distances between the wonderful natural areas in Kauai, and the walking paths are distinguished by their natural beauty, which includes a group of rivers, valleys, and cliffs, and the Na Bali Coast is located in the northwestern side of the distinguished island of Kauai.

    Whale watching in Maui: Whale watching is one of the tourist activities that depend on tourists watching humpback whales or humpbacks during their implementation of a group of acrobatic marine games, and Maui is a special place for these whales to live, and is ranked second in terms of the size of the Hawaiian Islands.

    Surfing in Oahu: Oahu is characterized by being one of the largest Hawaiian islands, and with a group of green heights, and mountains that contain many fruit trees, such as: pineapple, raspberry, pomegranate, mango, coconut, and banana, and it also provides tourists with the possibility to participate in a sport Surfing.

    Eating traditional Hawaiian food: Traditional food is one of Hawaii’s special tourist attractions; Where it has a kitchen specializing in providing many types of foods, especially tropical fruits, and Hawaii also relies on the preparation of food on the Filipino and Chinese cuisine; Because it was influenced by the culture of the people who settled in it in the past.

    Going to Hana Road: Hana Road is one of the wonderful roads located near Lake Turquoise, and this road is characterized by the spread of many waterfalls along its extension, which reaches about 109 km, and contributes to the link between the two cities of Hana on the eastern side of Maui and Kahului.

    Going to Lolani Palace: This palace is one of the tourist sites in Oahu, and is distinguished by the fact that there is no other palace in the United States, and its construction was completed in the year 1882 AD, and later became one of the most famous landmarks and places in Oahu.

Hawaiian geography and climate

Geographical features in Hawaii include a group of volcanic mountains; Where it contributes to the formation of the eight main islands and 124 other islands, starting from Curie on the western side and reaching Hawaii on the eastern side, as for the main islands on the eastern side of the island chain, they are Hawaii, Kahului, Molokai, Kauai, Maui, and Lanai And Oahu, and Niihau, and all the mountains and islands date back to nearly 70 million years, specifically in the late Cretaceous period.

Hawaii is characterized by a temperate climate with a tropical nature. Due to its presence throughout the Tropic of Cancer, but the weather sometimes turns to be damp; Because it is affected by the special land in the United States of America, and the temperature is also affected by the blowing of trade winds coming from the northeastern side of the country, which prevail most days of the year.

Inhabitants of Hawaii

Studies of anthropologists indicate that the origin of the Hawaiians dates back to the Polynesian immigrants, a people who immigrated to Hawaii from the Marquesa Islands in the period extending between the fourth and seventh centuries A.D. As for the arrival of European colonists to the islands, it dates back to 1778 AD when James Cook arrived there, and later Diseases that spread among the indigenous peoples led to a significant decline in the population of Hawaii, and in the late 1990s the island witnessed a remarkable increase in its population; Because of the large immigration to it from several countries, such as: Japan, China, and Vietnam.


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