Tourism in Russia


Traveling to Russia for tourism has become a concern of many recently, and Russia is considered one of the largest countries in terms of area. Tourism in Russia has experienced an increasing growth since the late Soviet era.

Tourists go to Russia, not only for its breathtaking beauty, but for the sake of historical cities and the perfect countryside, from ancient walled forts to glittering palaces, from mountain climbing to snowboarding, all options that will make your head spin.

Among the striking cities of Russia, which tourists go to from all directions, are the twins “Moscow and St. Petersburg”, because contemporary creativity is accessible to everyone in these two distinct cities, so let’s get to know the features of this beautiful country.

The most important cities of Russia

Tourism in Moscow


Among the grandeur of the Kremlin, old Stalinist buildings, and monuments with onion-like peaks are the most famous monuments even to the natives. Moscow is one of the most attractive cities in Russia and the most important tourist city in Russia as a whole.

Moscow is located on the Moskava River, in western Russia, and is the administrative capital of Russia. The historical architecture in Moscow is characterized by the Mongolian style, which has always shown the strength of the Russian entity, and this is evident and detailed in many of the monuments and tourist places in Moscow.

    The most important 3 landmarks in Moscow:

1- Red Square

It is the main square not only in Moscow, but also in Russia. Red Square witnessed many important events in the history of Russia.

The red field is located alongside other symbols, such as the orb. The square is long and rectangular, surrounded by beautiful architectural buildings. That raises prestige, awe and dazzle at the same time.

2- The Moscow Kremlin

Tourism in Russia

The Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin, one of Russia’s famous landmarks, and the symbol of the Russian state, the greatest and most beautiful architectural complexes in the world, was founded as a castle in 1156, on Borovitsky Hill, and it is a must for you to visit it while tourism in Russia.

The Kremlin contains a treasure trove of antiquities and artifacts, and it also contains a museum of weapons. During the reign of Prince “Ivan Kalita”, the Kremlin became an official seat of government, and it was not called the Kremlin until 200 years after it was built. A distinct feeling comes to you when you see the Kremlin from the outside, which is that you see one of the palaces of the Thousand and One Nights, because of its more distinctive style.

3- Tsaritsyno Palace

It is located on a hill in the far southeast of Moscow, and it is one of the landmarks and manifestations of the modern era. Its construction began in 1775 during the reign of Queen Catherine and the construction stopped several times until it ended with most of the state funds, and for this the construction stopped and remained incomplete until the Russian government decided to complete its construction Indeed, the construction of the palace was completed in 2007.

Tourism in Saint Petersburg

Tourism in Russia

City of Saint Petersburg

Tourism in Russia is not complete without a trip to Saint Petersburg. Saint Petersburg is located in the delta of the Neva River east of the Gulf of Finland, and was founded by Tsar “Peter the Great” in 1703, where he built a large fortress overlooking Europe, and called the new city “Leningrad”. The city later turned into an important military and commercial port, then turned into a center Important to the arms industry, it was the first spark of the revolution from within Saint Petersburg. Saint Petersburg is home to many of Russia’s beautiful attractions, which are modern and classic.

    The most important 3 landmarks in Saint Petersburg:

1- The Hermitage Museum (The Winter Palace)

Russia tourism

Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage is the largest museum in Russia and the second largest in the world after the Louvre in Paris, and the museum consists of 5 buildings, most notably the Winter Palace.

The Hermitage Museum of Peter the Great and his family was built in the Dutch style in 1708, and it plays an essential role in the city’s history that dates back to 3 centuries. It was rebuilt again in 1711, then completely redesigned in 1754, and its construction was completed in 1762.

2- Palace Square

Palace Square is about three centuries old, it is the largest and most important square in St. Petersburg, and it was built around the palace, after which it became the headquarters of the Russian emperors, and in 1924 a giant chessboard was built, for a unique live chess duel. The Palace Square witnessed many important events, including the Bolshevik Revolution, and you will definitely love to visit this palace while tourism in Russia.

3- Peterhof Palace

One of the most famous and popular tourist attractions is Petroff Palace, the palace and park is often referred to as Versailles, Russia, although most tourists consider it to be greater than Versailles, and that it is darker when compared to Versailles.

Built by Peter the Great 1714-1723, the palace gardens feature 170 water fountains and water pools decorated with statues.


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