Tourism in Ukraine


Tourism in Ukraine requires you to get acquainted with some features of life and history in this beautiful country located in eastern Europe, Ukraine, Kiev, which overlooks the Black Sea from the south. Until 1991, Ukraine was one of the countries that belonged to the Soviet Union, and after independence it turned into an important global tourist destination that combines history, culture and places of entertainment, and the search for a Ukraine visa became a requirement for Arab youth and travel lovers in general.

The official language is Ukrainian in addition to Russian and German, and for means of travel to Ukraine you can travel by plane, or by sea, or you can enter it via the railway that connects major European cities such as Berlin, Paris and others.

Tourism in Kiev

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest and most populated cities in it, and it is the first place from which tourism trips in Ukraine depart, tourism in Kiev has a special taste in terms of historical attractions, cultural manifestations, natural parks and the famous Dnipro River shore that passes next to it, as it extends on its bank strange buildings Giant architectural styles, Kiev is one of the best cities in Eastern Europe in terms of services, quality, and its many tourist attractions.

    The most important 3 landmarks in Kiev:

Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery

When you have the opportunity to travel to Ukraine, do not miss a visit to the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery, or the so-called “Kiev Monastery of Caves,” which is an Orthodox Christian monastery that includes a large number of wonderful caves, churches, ancient cathedrals, bell towers and various museums.

This monastery was established on the Dnieper River in the year 1051 by the monk Anthony, who settled there in a cave and a group of monks built around it, then they founded this monastery built by architects from Constantinople, and this monastery was renewed several times and buildings of different architectural styles were added until It has reached its current state, and this distinctive monastery has been chosen as a World Heritage Site according to the UNESCO to preserve it. Visiting the monastery has become a cornerstone of all tourism trips in Ukraine.

2- The Golden Gate


Golden gate

The Golden Gate is an ancient fortress that was established in order to protect and fortify the city, and that was during the reign of Prince Yaroslav at the beginning of the 11th century AD. The gate was dismantled in the Middle Ages and some monuments were left of it, then the Soviet authorities built it again completely in 1982, and turned into a tourist complex in the early eighties of the twentieth century, at the gate you will find a tourist shrine, and the Golden Gate complex is crowded with visitors from tourists and citizens who spend Time at the Historical Museum and enjoy the various activities there.


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