Where is the Kalahari desert located


Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert extends over large areas to three countries, where we find large parts of it in Botswana, and also extend to parts of the country of Namibia, to reach South Africa, where its area is estimated at 900,000 square kilometers.

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The Kalahari Desert is located on the African continent, surrounded by depressions known as the Kalahari depressions over an area exceeding 2.5 million square kilometers, where we find these depressions in the largest part of the state of Botswana, but they exceed them to include some of the lands of South Africa, and also the State of Namibia And also part of the territory of the state of Angola, and some lands of the state of Zimbabwe and the state of Zambia.

Geography of the Kalahari desert

A major river passes through this desert, which is known as (the Okvango River), where we find a river flowing from the delta in the northwestern part of this desert, which in turn forms many swamps, in which wild life abounds, despite the wide and large areas that extend over it This desert, which is characterized by its red sand, and despite the scarcity of water and its scarcity and the lack of water sources in it, some geographers do not consider it a desert, and the reason is that the rainfall that occurs in large parts of it, annually reaches an estimated 250 mm. That the southwestern part of it receives little rain, and it may not reach annually more than 175 mm. As for the temperatures in it, they range between 20 ° C and 40 ° C in the summer, but in the winter, its weather is dominated by drought and very cold, even to reach the degree of frost at night, and with a drop in degrees reaching zero at times. .

Language in the Kalahari desert

The language spoken by the inhabitants of this desert is a local language specific to the state of Botswana, and the name Kalehari Desert came from the name keir, which means (great thirst), and there are many mines in the Kalahari desert, such as coal mines, as well as copper, and we find uranium mines, and also nickel, And it has a diamond mine, and this is considered one of the richest and greatest mines in the world, as it is located in the northeastern region of the Sahara in the Uraba region.

Provinces of the Kalahari Desert

Several provinces belong to this desert, the most important of which comes Kjalajadi County, in addition to Ganzi County, as well as Koening County, and we also find the Southern Province, the Central District, and there is also the Northwest District, all of which are located within the state of Botswana, while the province of Namibia is located within the State of Namibia.

Inhabitants of the Kalahari Desert

The inhabitants of this desert are the Bushmen tribes, and they are still primitive tribes, and they are called Pasarwa and also San, but they do not prefer these titles and for them it is an insult, and most of them are worshipers of the souls of the dead, and at the same time they believe in the existence of a great god, the god of goodness , And a smaller deity is the god of evil.


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